Paint and Laundry….Snore….

by Karen

We’re still living in the apartment, just waiting to find the time to move into the new house that coordinates with Clay’s travel schedule. There isn’t much to report as far the new house, except I began to paint the (world’s smallest) laundry room a couple days ago. Unfortunatly, I haven’t had the time to finish it. Maybe (hopefully) today.

Isn’t it a gorgeous blue/gray? It is Nostalgia from Valspar Signature. It will also be the color of Weston’s bedroom. Here is a view of the (unpainted) laundry room from the kitchen…

We’re thinking of removing the door between the kitchen and laundry room. When open, it pretty much takes up the entire length of the laundry room and blocks the (would be) dryer.

So there you have it – an extremely boring post about paint drying and laundry rooms. Your eyes are probably glassy and your head hurts from boredom. I promise to have more exciting things here in the near future. But nothing too exciting. This is Lawton, Oklahoma after all.