Home Color Palette

by Karen

Thank you for all of the lovely comments about the kitchen. I had a blast painting it…it really is a fun color green. I’ve been painting rooms since I was young. Luckily, I grew up in a household where children had input about what color should be on their bedroom walls. And as a teenager, I may or may not have painted a random wall in my room (looking back) a really ugly shade of green. I resisted the urge to paint dorm rooms and apartments in college (it was soooo tough) and rewarded myself by going slightly paint crazy in our first apartment during our time at Ft. Drum. When we bought our first house in April 2008 in a Raleigh, NC suburb, I immediately put the roller to the wall – even before our household goods arrived. I painted. We painted. And I painted some more.

But one thing I haven’t done until now is create a home color palette. Young House Love has a really informative post about selecting a home color palette, which can really help a homeowner (or renter in my case) paint rooms with an idea of continuity. Each room in our NC house is a different color. This time around, we are smarter. Using the same color in two (or more) spaces can really help create a sense of flow throughout a small house. And we need all the help we can get with this 1400 square foot house.

While I really like the colors we chose in our NC house, there wasn’t a sense of continuity throughout the house. Colors included were tan, gray/brown/red, yellow/orange/green, gray/blue, bright yellow, and aqua. All vibrant colors in their own right, but when looking at the house as a whole, it didn’t really mesh in the “this house really makes a statement” sort of way. But seeing as how life is a learning experience, this time around we got smart and created a home color palette.

With a gallon of paint costing roughly $25/gallon (Lowes + 10% military discount), we estimate that we can paint the entire interior of the house for $225. Add in another $50 for supplies and for a total of $275, we can paint the house to suit our tastes, therefore making it feel more like home. Well worth it in my opinion. Ignoring the fact that we might buy the house, let’s say we rent the house for two years (730 days). Divide $275/730 and it costs about 37 cents a day to live in a house with colors we love. Especially since we have a little one now, which means we’re spending more time at home than we have in the past.

So far we have painted the living room, foyer, hall, and kitchen. The above color palette represents what we’re thinking right now. I am sure a room color or two will change before we’re finished. That is all part of the fun of decorating, right?

Does your house have a color palette or a theme? Is it more warm or cool? Remember, a color palette isn’t limited to paint. There are a lot of options out there for renters who can’t paint walls – starched fabric, removable wallpaper, vinyl wall decals, large art prints, and the list goes on. While I prefer to paint walls, I have never had trouble making a house/apartment feel like home when unable to paint. It is just an excuse to get even more creative. And speaking of creative, I can’t wait to see how this house will come together. Due to the constant evolution of our visions, your guess is as good as mine. All I know is that I am totally getting this for the family room. I am not kidding. I love it.