Oklahoma- It’s Not Too Bad

by Karen

I have been an official resident of Oklahoma for a couple of months now. I even have a driver’s license to prove it. In honor of this little anniversary of sorts, I am going to present to you a sampling of some nice and not so nice things about this area. If anything, this will serve as a tool for you to better understand this unique little space of Oklahoma I now call home. It would be far easier for me to complain and allow myself to be miserable in Oklahoma. After all, it wasn’t my first choice (or 2nd, 3rd, or 36th). But that is not my style. I am determined to leave Oklahoma with fond memories and a greater respect for the Sooner State. Life is an adventure – Clay and I do not have the desire to settle anytime soon. Oklahoma is only the 4th state in which we have lived in together…we have so many more places to go. Oklahoma will be one place of many we will look back on when we’re old and wrinkly, swinging on a porch swing. With Tom Collins’ in our hands.

See, it’s not too bad, right? This is one of the many lakes in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. I’ve mentioned many times how some parts of this area are breathtakingly beautiful. There are pockets of Lawton that are lovely but as a whole, there is a lot left to be desired about the city. However, the area surrounding Lawton is gorgeous in a Little House on a Prairie sort of way.

And the storms! I took this picture last week during an early morning thunderstorm.

So powerful.

Yes, if you want to buy cold beer, you’re limited to 3.2% beer.

But the view from on top of Mt. Scott can literally take your breath away.

There is a lot left to be desired about the condition of roads.

I assume very little of the state budget is devoted to infrastructure.

My car will likely be hurtin’ by the time we leave.

However, the skies are unbelievably blue. The purest blue.

The nearest Target is 75 miles away.


But Lawton does have a Starbucks, so not all is lost.

Living among bison, longhorn steers, and all sorts of other prairie creatures is pretty amazing.

And Lawton has a lot of public parks that are filled with playgrounds, walking trails, and trees.

And we have a rental house that we will make into a home.

One temporary fix at a time.

We found a church that has embraced us with open arms and has become a second family.

And finally, Oklahoma isn’t too bad because we get to spend time as a family.

Isn’t that what life is really about?

I think it is.

Full-strength cold beer would be nice though.