So Long Colonel Mustard

by Karen

I feel like the picture I shared with all of you is not doing the living room color justice. I like love yellow. I really do. I even like orange and most variations of yellow/orange. In fact, I painted the kitchen in our NC house a shade of yellow/orange called Slice from the Eddie Bauer Paint Collection (see here). The color of the living room walls is more like a mustard yellow. I have been referring to it (not so endearingly) as Colonel Mustard. The only thing missing from the new house is Mr. Body, a rope, and a study. But that is soon to change.

I originally chose Milestone from the Valspar Signature collection at Lowes. The color is middle tone on the National Trust for Historic Preservation 6007-1 card. Which (I think) is just a fancy way of indicating that the colors are timeless. Or something. I knew I wanted a classy color (said with a southern twang) and not something that would overpower the room (ahem mustard…). After paying for a couple of gallons of Milestone paint and some new painting supplies, I quickly drove to the new house to slap a sample on the walls. And no, I didn’t just buy a sample because I knew that even if I didn’t like the color for the living room and entry way, I would end up using it for closets and such.

And much to my dismay, Milestone was far to light for the room. Partly because the trim is more of an off white than a true white. And also because the room doesn’t have an abundance of natural light. Because of this, Milestone did not provide enough of the contrast I was looking for. So closets it is! And back to Lowes I went.

This time, I settled on Oregon Coast, which was the darkest of three colors on the 6007-1 paint sample (the other two being Milestone and Cliveden Mist). Side note – I would like the job of naming paint colors. It seems like it would be a pretty fun gig.

Here are Oregon Coast and Milestone side by side. Oregon Coast (not fully dry in this picture) is the desired taupe I was picturing for the main room. It is not dark enough to make the room feel cavernous but it still provides a nice contrast to the trim and crown molding. And notice the textured walls? Very common in the Southwest…reminds me of growing up in Phoenix, AZ. Also great for those of us with little ones running around because the walls are more forgiving of dents and such.


If the room were a larger space with more natural light, I would have really gone dark, like the taupe/dark gray pictured above. Love the color. But I am also happy with Oregon Coast. We’re going to get our paint on this afternoon and see where it takes us. What color is your family room/great room? Do you want to change it? If so, what color?