Let’s Take a Quick Peek Inside

by Karen

We can’t seem to shake the idea of possibly buying this home out of our head. I spent yesterday afternoon researching comparables (which totally isn’t a word according to my spell checker) and property records for the neighborhood. Isn’t the Internet lovely? Maybe we just have the itch to destroy things. In fact, ever since my sister and her husband bought a house built in the 1970s, we have been wiping the drool off of our faces as we watched them (from afar) renovate their home. We bought our house in NC brand spanking new. It is a great house. It really is. Shiny too. But the experience taught us that we prefer older homes in more established neighborhoods.  As you have previously seen, the exterior of the new house is brick and well-maintained. And there is a HUGE tree in the front yard that I fell in love with upon setting eyes on it. There were no huge trees in our NC neighborhood.

But let’s talk about our OK home now. Because we’re in OK and not NC. There isn’t a Fresh Market or Whole Foods within a days drive and the ocean is very far away. But there are rodeos. And tornadoes. And Rattlesnake Festivals. So let’s take a quick peek inside, shall we? We’ll start with the heart of the home.

View from family room, looking into kitchen.

I was standing in the corner of the family room when I snapped this picture. The cleaners have yet to spiffy up the place so don’t assume this picture to represent the room being move-in ready. I’ve compiled a quick pro and con list to better illustrate what exactly is going on in this space.


  • New carpet
  • Tile (while a tad dated) is in great shape
  • Updated light fixtures/ceiling fan
  • Wall above fireplace prepared for flat panel TV (power outlet, cable outlet, and studs)
  • Built in storage for DVR, DVD player, etc…
  • Crown molding
  • Recessed lighting
  • Refinished cupboards/new hardware
  • Updated appliances
  • Paint color (must change immediately)
  • Extremely dated countertops and backsplash. Yes, I was mistaken about the lack of backsplash. To my horror, the countertop extends up to the bottom on the top cupboards. Yikes! Although to be fair, the countertops are in decent shape and still very functional.
  • Odd configuration on the interior wall of the kitchen/eating area.
As you can see, we feel that the pros greatly outweigh the cons. We can easily work around the cons if we decide to just rent. And if we jump into the house buying game again, we can have some real fun making changes. Only time will tell.
And now, the little guy and I are off to Lowes. Let the games begin!