Want to See the ‘New’ House?

by Karen

We chose the above house as our rental home because the owners gave us a good deal, the neighborhood is nice and close to Ft. Sill, and we have the option to buy at an extremely affordable price if we find ourselves wanting to go down that route. Which we very well may. You see, we’re going to make minor cosmetic changes (with the owners cheering us on from the sidelines) to gauge whether this house will make a good income property once we leave the area. Ft. Sill has an extremely transient population due to it being a large training post and the rental market is always burning hot. We’re not sure if we’re wanting to own two homes but we haven’t ruled it out completely. We figure that this arrangement is the best of both worlds – we get to engage in hobbies (landscaping, decorating, minor home improvement) and do so while test driving a house. Worse case scenario, we spent a small amount of money to pretty up a house that we’re planning to call home for the next year or two. Win-win, if you ask me.

The house needs some cosmetic work and some updates reflecting this ascetic of this century (built in 1987), but the bones are good.  It is not ostentatious in any sense of the word. It is a simple 1400 square foot house in a simple neighborhood. But even though we haven’t moved in yet (and won’t for a couple of weeks), it feels like home. I am starting to paint this week, so expect some before and after (and after, and after, and after) shots. I just bet you’re on the edge of your seats, right?

I hope everybody had a wonderful day yesterday – I know I did, thanks to the men in my life. I was surprised with a new coffee mug, chocolate, a flower, and lots of love. I received my favorite gift in church. Weston spends his time in the nursery but he and the other children are brought into the sanctuary during Children’s Time. He was sitting on the altar steps with his blankey, listening to Miss Dorothy talk about mothers when he spotted me in the pews. He ran down the aisle and squealed as he approached me. I scooped him up and gave him a big hug and lots of kisses as he continued to squeal. It was the highlight of my day…even if it is just a Hallmark holiday.