A Day for Mothers, Buffalo, and Longhorn Steer

by Karen

My parents decision to procreate was one of their better ones, seeing as how I am their fist born. Apparently, I was such a joy that they decided to repeat the processes three more times. Even though we have had our disagreements over the years, I have never doubted my mom’s love or acceptance of me. For that, I know I am blessed. So what better way to express my gratitude than online? Don’t worry, also I called my mom and sent her a gift.

What about mother-in-laws? When women start to harp about their evil mother-in-laws, I have no reason to join the conversation because I totally scored in that department. She helped me immensely during this past deployment (closest family member so she drew the short straw) and has never failed to treat me as one of the family. That being said, I do enjoy a good evil mother-in-law story – I just don’t have any of my own!

Mom, Weston, my mother-in-law.

Some people dismiss the love between a dog and owner as insignificant. Those that do, I feel sorry for because they likely have never experienced such a bond. I’ve been Lucy’s mom for almost 6 years. A lot of my heart is dedicated to her. Having a child changed the dynamic of our household but it hasn’t changed the love I have for my little girl. And please ignore my hands – apparently pregnancy gave me man hands. Ha.

Clay snapped some pictures of me and the little guy at the Wichita Wildlife Refuge yesterday afternoon. I think the one above is my favorite because it captures how we are 95% of the time – Weston off exploring and me not far behind. I am now in my second year of motherhood and it just keeps getting better with each passing day. I am not sure what the future holds for us, but I do know that we feel whole with Weston in our lives. He is a special little boy who made me a true Mom – such a wonderful gift.

So to all the different types of mothers out there…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you know that buffalo calves are usually born in May?

The longhorn steer are gorgeous creatures.

I bet some people find them very tasty too.