A Little Bit of Everything

by Karen

My previous post was by far my most popular post, at least according to statistics, which a lot of people seem to ignore anyway so I am not sure it matters much.  I’m sure I ruffled some feathers but I really don’t give a hoot. Thank you for all the comments, they made my heart smile. Or perhaps it could have been the boxed Pinot Grigio I was drinking. But I think it was more than likely your kind words. And yes, I enjoyed a glass of boxed wine. I came across it this past weekend when we were in the big city (Wichita Falls, TX) for our monthly Target trip. Don’t worry, we wbrought travelers cheques.

“Aromatic with a fruity, slightly floral aroma.  Crisp, ripe fruit notes, including apple, melon and peach.  The Pinot Grigio won Double Gold at the San Francisco Wine Competition in June 2007.” Target
Next time, I am totally getting the individual juice wine boxes.

Don’t judge. I have read that the Pinot Grigio is the best of the lot and I must say that it isn’t too bad, especially for the price. It has a bit of a dry aftertaste but that is a good thing in my book. I’m not going to bore you with details about the various flavors and aromas that hit my palette because it would all be poppycock. I am not an amateur sommelier. But rI totally recommend this wine in a box, especially because it doesn’t take up much room in the fridge. It allows for more important things, like whole milk for our son.


I had grandiose plans yesterday for an Oklahoma beauty-based blog post. But I was never able to get outside with my camera. I was too busy trying to coordinate the water/sewer/trash transfer for our (soon-to-be) rental house. At the end of the day, I wasn’t successful. The whole process of dealing with the City of Lawton for such matters stinks. In fact, as an old southern gentleman once said, it stinks so bad it’d knock a buzzard off a gut wagon. I am going to try again today. Wish me luck.

This is just in case you were wanting to see an ariel view of Lawton, Oklahoma.

I know you were.


Speaking of our rental house, we will begin moving in next week. We’re going to take our time – painting and making the appropriate changes before the furniture enters. I am itching to take pictures of the empty house so I can truly showcase the transformation. So. excited.

I finally received an invitation to Pinterest last week and I have been happily pinning away ever since. So many ideas. So little time. I am afraid that I have taken on too many projects and there are so many more I want to complete. My next goal is to make a compost bin for the backyard. And raised garden beds. And refinish the swing set. And there I go again…

Lucy is enjoying the warmer weather. Oklahoma is the third state in which she has lived and I think she approves. She misses the snow of northern New York though. So do we.

And finally, here is a picture of Weston, his hair, and the wind.

I call this look of his the Vanilla Ice.


Watch out, Robert Matthew Van Winkle.

Weston rocks the mic like a vandal, lights up the stage, and waxes a chump like a candle.