Why Blog? A Ramble of Sorts.

by Karen

I am fairly open that I blog for myself. I enjoy writing and like having a public outlet to express myself. While it is nice to have a sizable readership, the numbers game has never appealed to me. I suppose that is what annoys me most about certain blogging communities found throughout the web. The focus has shifted from quality writing and pictures to a “follow me and I will follow you” culture that is overwhelmed with giveaways and advertising. Call me cynical, but I am wistful for the good ol’ days. And now I sound like I am 60 before I am even 30. Fabulous. If I start writing about Stone Phillips, please help me.

Sometimes I wonder why I still blog. I started my first blog back in January 2006 as an outlet to expressive myself during Clay’s deployment. I think I averaged 40 unique visits a day back then, so not many people read what I had to say, but that was okay. I wasn’t writing for anyone else but myself. I am still the same way. The number of unique visits per day has increased exponentially since my first blog but it is still a modest number. I think I like it better this way. More intimate, perhaps?

We went to Elmer Thomas park yesterday evening. The weather was perfect for playground playing and picture taking. I managed to capture this image of Weston next to a huge tree (I have no idea what kind it is…I am not a botanist..sheesh). I love the silhouette, scale, and sunshine poking through. I haven’t edited yet, so we’re just going to ignore the power lines for now. Okay?

You know, when I read some of the fabulous blogs unleashed to the world, it is sometimes hard not to feel overwhelmed and small, much like Weston in the picture. I know I can’t compete so I don’t try. I don’t write to ruffle feathers, stir the pot, or create discussion. And blogging anonymously on a scandalous topic was never an option, for I am horrible at keeping secrets. So I am careful about what I share in this space. Basically, my rule is not to write anything I wouldn’t want my parents, friends, bosses, coworkers, neighbors, etc… to know. Which is a good thing because a lot of them read it!

So that is why I write for myself. I am looking forward to seeing what direction this blog will take. I appreciate each and every comment I receive. I do not expect them nor do I sob in the fetal position when I receive none. But knowing that someone is taking time out of their busy day to read what I have to say is always a pleasant surprise. And I love discovering new blogs/writers. Just don’t write follow me and I will follow you. Please. Just don’t.

I will say that I seem to blog about anything and everything. Whenever I try and focus on a particular (for lack of a better word) theme, I always seem to want to focus on another. I am very much like this in ‘real life’ so I have no idea why I expect myself to behave differently in blogland. Although, I like to think that I am 10 pounds thinner in blogland.

So I’ll end this ramble of sorts with another picture from yesterday. Yes, I know Weston is blue. Don’t worry, he doesn’t have hypothermia – it is just the slide projecting color onto his extremely pale skin. For this reason, I don’t foresee him being a future Jersey Shore cast member. Which is probably a very good thing.