Why Not Jump on a Bed Today?

by Karen

One of the saddest aspects of life is when an adult looses his or her sense of wonder. When life stops being fun and little joys are hard to find. And one of my biggest fears is becoming such a person in later years. Perhaps that is why I sometimes jump on beds, eat cotton candy, and eat dessert before dinner. Because I can. As a child, there were many time I can remember thinking, “I can’t wait until I am an adult so I can do xyz whenever I want.” Yes, life is about responsibility, but it is also about discovering as much joy as possible during our limited time together. And I want to make sure my son knows this. And what better way to demonstrate than jumping on our bed with him?

Our apartment bedroom is minimalist chic.

And our bed is directly on the floor. It’s not a commune – I swear.

But I really don’t care. Because look at Weston’s smile.

That’s life.