Our Turn for Space Age Laundry

by Karen

One of the things I find most difficult about renting is the (perceived) inability to personalize a space. In fact, Clay and I were seriously considering buying here in Oklahoma for this very reason, even though we knew that we were not going to be here long-term in any sense of the word (phrase?). Luckily, we snapped out of it and realized than renting a house won’t be the bane of our existence. In fact, it could even be a fun challenge! And those who know me, I never shy aware from a competition. I didn’t earn the nickname ‘Psycho Gym Girl’ in high school for sitting on the sidelines.


We took another tour of our future rental house yesterday evening, right before the skies unleashed their fury. The owners will be out by mid-May (empty house tour pictures then) and we will be able to start our transition. The floor plan I drafted from memory wasn’t too far off but I definitely made the proportions larger. The house is small but there is a certain charm and we’re excited to begin simplifying our existence. And I keep reminding myself that if people can live in Tiny Houses, then our family of three can easily live in 1400 square feet. We don’t need more space (but it sure can be nice at times). It is close to post, in an established neighborhood (e.g. big trees), and all brick (helpful during the Oklahoma storms).

So getting back to making a rental house ‘ours’. Our landlords will allow us to paint, which gives us a lot of options for personalization. Some details are dated (countertops, tile, brass hardware) but some are updated (light fixtures, stainless steel appliances, and carpet). I am looking forward to seeing what I am able to create with the existing features. Very excited.

The Laundry Room

And the best part of the rental house? The fact that the laundry room is specifically designed for front-loading washer and dryers. The room itself is pretty much just a small pass-thru from the kitchen to the garage. But it works. We left our washer and dryer in our NC house (regular white top-loading medium grade) so gosh darn it, I guess I am just going to have to get an awesomesauce set for our rental house. I let Clay talk me out of the fancy machines back in 2008 so I am looking forward to having much more energy efficient (and prettier) laundry tools.

We know that we’re going to purchase our set  at Sears because they price match everywhere (including the PX) and then add the 10% discount on top for it’s Salute to Heros program. Combined with their warranty, you just can’t beat it. I really like the price, stats, and look of the LG but open to other brands. And as much as I love the red and stainless steel options, I can’t justifying paying more just for a color. We also will just be purchasing the machines and not the drawer pedestals because of the laundry room configuration. So do you have a front-loading washing machine? If so, do you like it? Recommendations welcome!