His and Hers – A Case for Vanity

by Karen

It is a good thing that Clay is TDY at Ft. Bragg (Fayetteville, NC) because that means he can check on our house. It also means that he can pick up the Amazon package I accidently shipped to our old house. Oops. He has been a busy bee (that doesn’t sound very masculine) the past couple of days and I am happy to report that our NC house is now on the rental market in addition to the buying (?) market. The rental agent thinks it will go fast and we couldn’t be more excited. The more we thought about it, the more selling it at a loss didn’t make sense, especially because we don’t need the liquid assets right now. Initially, we weren’t crazy about owning a home in another state but after talking with a lot people in our same situation, we realized that we were being silly. And it will be a decent income property, which makes us happy.

I Think This is What The Bathroom Looks Like

So one of my favorite things about our (soon-to-be) rental house is the master bathroom. I constructed a very crude floor plan to illustrate why the room rocks the breakfast burrito. We’re just going to ignore the fact that I don’t remember where the toilet, shower, or tub (if there even is a separate tub) are in the room. The owners were/are still living in the house so I didn’t bring my camera to take pictures. It will be empty in a few weeks so I will be able to take pictures soon enough. Until then, you get to see basic floor plans constructed using a program from the Microsoft Office Suite. But what I do remember are the separate vanities and separate closets.

This is a picture of our master bathroom in the NC house. Yes, I swiped it from MLS. Don’t judge. We never had double vanity sinks in our apartments in NY so when we bought our house, we were giddy over the prospect of separate sinks. However, we quickly learned that separate sinks don’t mean much unless there are separate vanities. We have our different methods for bathroom organization and let’s just say that they don’t mesh too well. At all.

But the rental house is different. We will each have our own bathroom domain. The room isn’t huge by any means but it is designed well and space is maximized to a capital M. But I really do wish I remember where the toilet is located. Any guesses? The layout also lends itself to some interesting decorating options. Because you can’t see the vanities from the master bedroom (always a plus), this means we can take some liberties with a His & Her scheme that suits our individual design preferences. As long as the colors coordinate and mesh well together, we can each create our bathroom nirvana as we see fit.

And Now, The Inspiration…



As far as masculine bathrooms go, I really like this one. Sure, the antlers above the tub are a bit alarming and can’t possibly end well if one takes a bath while slightly inebriated. But it is still cool.



I love the blue and white mixed with the hardwood in this picture. I also like the natural elements, such as the basket and foliage in the window.

But honestly?

As long as our bathroom doesn’t look like this…


or this…


I’ll be happy.

The Water Project

All joking aside, we are very lucky to have functional bathrooms (no matter how pretty or ugly) with working toilets, showers, and sinks. Millions of others all over the world are not so lucky. The Water Project works to give millions (billions) of people access to clean water. This is a luxury we often take for granted here in the United States and other developed countries. It is easy to get caught up (as I am) in the details that aren’t essential to our health, such as double vanities and separate closets. If you’re not familiar with The Water Project, poke around the site. I promise it will be worth your time.