Where I Write

by Karen

The little guy and I dropped Clay off at the airport yesterday morning, just before church. He won’t be gone long and will be back just in the nick of time to celebrate Easter with us. Our first Easter celebrated together as a family. While I always prefer my husband to be home, I do see the positive in the solitude. I usually write the most when Clay is away, for I don’t feel guilty about being hunched over my laptop instead of spending the oh-so-sacred quality time together. I do plan to incorporate more writing into my everyday life and start focusing on related long-term goals for myself but that is neither here nor there <— random tidbit – I really can’t stand that phrase.

So the picture above is of the desk in the living room. I thought I would share the place where I do 99% of my writing. Not because you asked for it or anything (you totally did), but I don’t want anybody to get the idea that we’re basking in fabulousness around these parts. We’re living quite minimally in our apartment (and I sort of like it) in effort to reduce the annoyance factor when we move into the house. Makes sense, right? Anyway…so let’s discuss what you see.

  • Rum and coke in a mason jar because I’m classy like that. Clay and I have replaced our drinking glasses with mason jars and we couldn’t be happier. You should try it. The water (and other delicious drinks) taste better. Seriously.
  • Apple computer because they’re awesomesauce. Black turtlenecks and jeans totally do it for me.
  • A not Apple mouse because I am just not that cool. I would love a wireless Apple mouse. Like this one. Hint. But honestly, $69 for a mouse is ridiculous.
  • Wii remote because we decided to forgo cable during our brief stay in a multi-tenant dwelling. We’re surviving on Instant Netflix (hence the Wii remote) and Hulu Plus. This means that I haven’t watched Bravo in almost a month. I am going through withdrawals. I want to go on the Ramonacoaster and I can’t. Sadness. Needless to say, when we move into the house, we will be getting cable.
  • A chair from our table because my favorite antique secretary chair is still in North Carolina. It is actually my only antique secretary chair so it is my favorite by default but it is still a brilliant place to sit.
  • An H. The same one featured in the post about the fames. I made it. It wasn’t hard. And that is all about I have to say about that.
  • The desk is from Target. It’s okay. My preferred desk is still in (you guessed it) North Carolina.
  • The lamp is so old that I have no idea where it came from. Poor thing.
  • I must learn how to white balance on my camera.
And that is where I write. Where do you write?