The Day That Wasn’t – Rattlesnake Style

by Karen

I had high hopes for today. I really did. Earlier this week, I was listening to a local radio station (by mistake but that isn’t here nor there) and heard an advertisement (said British-like) for The Rattlesnake Festival in Apache this weekend. Always one to embrace the local culture, I did my best to convince Clay that we totally needed to go and he finally agreed (let’s just say that he is not too fond of snakes).

The advertisement boasted fried rattlesnake, a snake pit, and fair attractions. I’ve had fried rattlesnake as a child, courtesy of a campy Rawhide Western Town, an entertainment destination in Chandler, AZ that was a favorite of my family.  I still remember being mesmerized by the cowboys featured at the Six Gun Theater. And I have seen plenty of rattlesnakes in the wild, for such was a normal occurrence growing up in the outskirts of Phoenix. But I had never been to a Rattlesnake Festival and decided that I would never forgive myself if I let this opportunity pass.

So we went today. And we were underwhelmed. Because we didn’t see one snake. Not one. I did see the ticket booth for the snake pit but the homemade sign (I am kicking myself for not getting a picture) and the condition of the ticket seller/snake handler didn’t give me the greatest confidence. While the festival itself was free, any attraction featuring a snake involved us handing over cash. With us living in an area that is known for an abundance of snakes, I took issue with having to pay to see a reptile that I can easily visit with in the wild. Not that I am necessarily wanting to cross paths with a rattlesnake while hiking in the Wichita Wildlife Refuge, but it is the principle of the matter. Call me old fashioned.

All was not lost though, we did see plenty of (gross) cleavage, spectacularly awful tattoos, and some interesting fashion choices. The crowds were large and we were navigating the huge BOB Revolution stroller so the opportunities to snap pictures (with my new camera) were few and far between. But I managed to get a couple.

These Native Americans performed in a space located in the center of the festival street. A huge crowd was surrounding the ‘stage’ so I snapped this picture while holding my camera above my head and jumping as I high as I could. Their costumes were gorgeous and the performance was mesmerizing. If you look in the upper left hand corner, you can see the sign for the Snake Pit.

Plenty of people thanked sweet baby Jesus for funnel cakes.

Personally, I don’t think any kitchen backsplash isn’t complete without a Point Click Delete tile. Anyone else with me? Anyone?


And finally, a picture of the little guy. He is a bit orange in this picture but that is only because he is showing his Clemson pride. Yeah – that’s it. So we still had a nice time at The Rattlesnake Festival but we were sad to walk away without even seeing a rattlesnake or two. Maybe next year. Or not. Only time will tell where we will be.