Look What What The Wind Brought In

by Karen

The wind in southwest Oklahoma is insane today. I snapped these pictures on our balcony this morning. I have the feeling that I will be sporting a ponytail the next couple of months because Oklahoma is notorious for it’s weather this time of year. In fact, the windows are literally (said like Chris Traeger) shaking as I type this post. Literally.

So after much research, I finally bit the bullet at purchased a DSLR camera today. I went with the Nikon d3100. The PX (Post Exchange for all you non-military folk) had the d3100 and 3x 18-55mm Zoom-NIKKOR VR Image Stabilization lens for $599. Especially when factoring in the no sales tax, I knew I couldn’t beat that price. Luckily, a Nikon Representative was at the PX this morning so I was able to spend quite bit of time playing around with her camera before committing to such a large purchase. And that is what the wind brought in today. Squeee.