A Boy and His Rocking Horse

by Karen

When I was pregnant, I joked with my coworkers that my soon-to-be born son would only play with wooden toys, for a sea of plastic made in China wouldn’t lend itself to my design. While little Weston has plenty of wooden toys, he also is owner of quite a bit of plastic ones. And that is okay, because that is what storage baskets are so perfect at holding! But I still adore large-scale wooden toys for young children – like kitchens, playgrounds, and rocking horses.

Like this one.

What’s that? You want another view?

Okay then.

I know, I know, isn’t he beautiful?. Yes, his saddle has seen better days, he has a random screw sticking out of his neck, and his hair is a tad matted, but there is something special about this horse. Plus he was only $20. I saw him as I driving by the antique store he called home. He was sitting outside, along with another (shinier, newer, and more expensive) horse. I pulled a quick U-turn and wiped the drool from my chin as I removed Weston from his car seat. 5 minutes later we were heading home with a large rocking horse in tow.

So this means that in addition to Weston’s chair, I have another restoration project ahead of me. Luckily, I can begin the horse while we’re still in the apartment. The actual mechanics of the horse are in great shape and it won’t take much to make him shiny and again. Weston has grown quite fond of the rocking horse in the nursery at our church (have I mentioned how thrilled I am that we found a church that feels like home here in Oklahoma?) and I had been hoping to find one for his room at home. Success!

Although, as much as Weston enjoys rocking horses, he would much rather open and close the package mailboxes at our apartment complex. Fun times! Oh – and for a fun take on a rocking horse, take a look at this motorcycle that my friend bought for her daughter. Too cute, right?