I Lost My Potato Peeler

by Karen

I lost my potato peeler. I just simply have no idea where it is. I have looked in the depths of the dishwasher, behind the cupboards, and even in Weston’s toy baskets. I’m afraid that it is gone. I miss it very much, for I dislike using a paring knife when a potato peeler does the job a million times better. Plus I get to keep my fingers in tact. But not anymore, because I lost my potato peeler.

Lately, this is how I have been feeling. Just blah (and no – I am not pregnant). Oh and believe it or not, that is the little guy’s hair tamed. It’s wild I tell ‘ya.

So I seem to be forgetting more things than usual and feel like the world is two steps ahead of me. I am not a big fan of this feeling – I want to know what happened with put together-Karen. She was pretty cool and I would love for her to show her face around these parts again. I really hope she made the move to Oklahoma too. It’s totally not fair if she got to stay behind.

You know, I got to thinking…maybe it is a sign that I lost my potato peeler. Like it is meant to be. That’s it – I need to learn yet another lesson about life. Okay then.

Could the potato peeler be no more because I need to leave the skin on potatoes and apples (which I usually do anyway but there are times when no skin is more appropriate)? Maybe I am too quick to peel away the skin of various aspects of my life in effort to start fresh and new and end up ignoring areas of growth instead.

Or is it something else? Have I be too quick to disregard Oklahoma? Am I trying to peel off it’s skin and not appreciate it for what it is? Perhaps.

Or maybe I simply lost my potato peeler.