A Duvet (cover) Day

by Karen

According to word on the street, a Duvet Day is time off given to employees that is not considered personal or sick leave. It is most common in the UK and growing increasingly more commonplace in the United States. Go us! Not too bad for the most overworked nation in the world.

Now that we have purchased a bed for the little guy, I am in the market for his bedding. We decided to go with a duvet and duvet cover option instead of a traditional comforter because the easier it is to wash something, the happier I am, which is best for everybody. Besides, we use them for both our bedroom and the guest room so it only makes sense that we introduce our son into the wonderful of duvet covers (he isn’t going to know what hit him). So today marks Duvet (cover) Day because I am opening up the polls to the (limited) readers of this (quite small) blog.

I have narrowed down our options (I think) to the following six duvet covers. As you can see, a wide array of prices and colors are present so please feel free to allow anything (including brand, quality, whatever you see fit) to influence your decision, because they certainly influence ours. Just so you know, the price reflects the duvet cover and one standard sham.  So without further ado, here are the selections…

(A) Pottery Barn Kids Curious George – $106.00   (B) IKEA Vitaminer Siffra – $14.99  (C) DwellStudio for Target Hippo – $49.99  (D) IKEA Barnslig Rand – $19.99   (E) DwellStudio for Target Dot Fun Kids – $49.99   (F) Olive Kids Wild Animals – $65.99

Obviously, we are leaning towards a contemporary/modern/fun aura for the little guy. We have a favorite (will share later) but not 100% committed (on the duvet cover, not our marriage…don’t worry!). So please vote!

Added bonus – if any of you have the following duvet covers or something similar, please feel free to comment on your experience owning such linens. Or if you hate everything I chose and seriously question our taste, please add your own suggestions. I promise not to publicly ridicule you…or do I ? Muwhahaha…

Happy Duvet (cover) Day!