Big Boy Bed

by Karen

We drove down to the big city today (Wichita Falls, TX for all you non-locals) in search of a big boy bed for the little guy. Yes, it is time – we have ourselves a little climber (I find him on top of the kitchen table most days). Now we have been looking for a bed for quite some time but we had yet to find the one. Ideally, we wanted to spend less than $500 for the frame and mattress because we know this isn’t his forever bed. We also wanted something durable enough to withstand the actions of a rough & tough little boy but not so expensive that I would burst into tears if something happened to it. And finally, multiple moves are likely in our future so there is no point in spending multiple mortgage payments on a piece of furniture that will likely prematurely age in the care of burly tattooed men.

Clay had This End Up furniture in his bedroom growing up and wanted to explore the option of doing the same for Weston. Due a bankruptcy in 2000, the company now only sells furniture online out of their Sanford, NC warehouse.

Woods End Half Bunk

We both liked this Woods End Half Bunk from This End Up, but with a $378 price tag along with over $200 in shipping costs, the bed started to make itself at home in Pottery Barn Furniture price range. Ummm, no thanks.  Also, at the end of the day, we were uncomfortable buying a bed we were unable to see in person. I mean, it isn’t like it is an easy object to return, right? And finally, I wasn’t impressed with the shopping cart feature on the website, it seemed very 1998…which didn’t give me the greatest confidence that I would actually receive the product after putting in our credit card information.

So that brings us back to Wichita Falls – after a quick stop at Ashley Furniture (dismal child bed selection), we ended up at Furniture Row. Having never been in one before, we were treated to quite the selection and we finally found what we were looking for – a simple rugged-esque (can that be a word?) twin bed in our price range.

Durango Youth Twin Bed

We love that it is lower to the ground, missionary design, and pine (a softer wood). The bed will arrive in a couple of weeks so that gives me plenty of time to shop for linens. Sadly, the duvet cover I am coveting from Pottery Barn Kids is $79 (a bit steep for just a duvet cover) and IKEA doesn’t sell duvet covers online. Tears.