Just a Simple Sectional

by Karen

The one major piece of furniture we’re looking to buy for the new house is a sectional couch. I am normally not a fan of such pieces but the space will be best utilized by one and furniture makers are starting to actually put some design into sectional couches. I am very demanding in my wants with such a couch. 1. No recliner (not my style). 2. Durable. It needs to hold up to the wear and tear of a dog, cat, and toddler. 3. Not beige. 4. Not micro suede or anything the like. Horrible with pet hair, absolutely horrible.  5. Chaise lounge included. 6. Not more than $3000. Sounds easy enough, right?


To better illustrate what I am looking for, let’s take a look at what I DO NOT LIKE. Now everybody has different tastes and I celebrate this fact. How boring would the world be if our houses were all decorated the same? But these couches make my insides wilt.

La-Z-Boy Rex Sectional

I started with La-Z-Boy because I have only been in the showroom once and quickly did the backwards walk out. Why? Because I have an extreme adverse reaction to most recliners. In fact, when Clay proposed, I told him that by agreeing to live with me, he was pretty much agreeing to never having a recliner. Because I hate them that much. I realize that this is a little extreme, I really do. But I can’t help it. However, I have seen a couple of modern-esque chairs that have a reclining mechanism that don’t induce hives but as a whole, recliners are a buzz kill for yours truly. I will admit that the designs are getting better (like this one) and I am mostly ewwwwww to the recliners of yesteryear. But I still have yet to purchase one.

Room Store – Poole

The two-toned, two-textured, pillow back look does not work for our design ascetic. When I saw this couch, I immediately thought of Robert Downey Jr. in Less Than Zero. That isn’t the feeling I want when I sit down to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, therefore this couch is out of the running.

IKEA – Kivik

I am nowhere coordinated enough to sit on a couch without any arms. I am pretty sure I would topple over and face plant into the coffee table. This is a little too modern for my tastes. I am just not that cool.


Now let’s move on to sectional couches that make my heart sing.


Havertys Chastain Sectional

As far as sectionals go, this one is smaller scale, which appeals to me. It also is very comfortable (yes, I tested it at The Mall of Georgia) without being too squishy. I am also partial to the green color because who wouldn’t want to sit on a granny smith apple?

Bassett Furniture Custom Sectional

I love that the dark color will hide the wear and tear we will enviable cast upon the poor couch. When you factor in the custom options, the price gets a little too high for my comfort level but there may be some wiggle room.

And finally, I came across this couch in a mom & pop furniture store here in Lawton. I am unsure of the brand and the price is a bit steep but I am told they offer discounts for cash purchases. Again, I like the fact that it is a compact sectional, which will work best in the space.

So you like sectionals? If so, which ones? Do you hate sectionals? Have you come across any deserving of public ridicule? Spam me with links – I am always open to suggestions. And a good laugh!