Holy Tantrum Batman

by Karen

Yesterday, Clay and I learned that our days of eating a nice meal in a sit-down restaurant with the little guy are over, at least for the time being. I came to this conclusion as my son continuously flung himself on the crunchy ground, on the side of a busy road, just outside a mexican restaurant. Ole. Patrons poured in and out the door, giving me glances of sympathy as I stood with my arms crossed, probably looking exasperated, waiting for the tantrum to run its course. Clay sat inside, waiting for our food to arrive, only to box it up, and pay for the uneaten meal. Outside – limbs flailed, vocal chords were exercised, and limits were tested. All this because I thought it would be nice to meet Clay for lunch when Weston and I were running errands around town. Silly me. Yes, I believe my sweet little boy is entering what is known as the Terrible Twos. Cue danger music.

Kung-Fu Weston. Kicking ass and taking names since 2009.

I will say though, temper tantrum and all, my son behaved in a more mature manner than our current Congress. What an embarrassing time for us all. Their actions just perpetuate the notion that the United States is on a continued downward slope, with our ‘leaders’ letting petty issues (e.g. abortion) define an entire budget, and therefore the livelihood of countless Americans. Neither ‘side’ is void of blame and this situation only deepens my resolve that belonging to neither party is best for me. Yes, I believe I just let it slip that I am a card carrying Independent. Shhhhh…don’t tell anyone.

How do you handle temper tantrums, by children and adults alike?