Living With Less

by Karen

Henry David Thoreau famously wrote, “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.” The house we have yet to sell in NC is over 2500 square feet. Our apartment is 1100 square feet and the rental house we’re moving into this summer (yes, it is pretty much official) is about 1400 square feet. This means that we have eliminated half of our living space. And you know what? I kinda like it. A lot.

Our apartment has a certain transient-chic quality to it, does it not? As you can see, the decor is extremely limited because as much as I hate bare walls, I hate moving more. And the less stuff we have to move into our new place, the happier Karen will be. This means that our furniture is divided between our house in NC, a storage unit here in OK, and our apartment. We’re lucky in the fact that our future rental is designed well, with virtually no wasted space. The owners have also put a lot of effort into ensuring adequate storage possibilities. But it is still a lot smaller of a house than we’re used to. So without furthur ado, here is a rough floor plan…

When I get more accurate measurements of the rooms, I will use to create a detailed view of the house. Those of you who read Young House Love, will recognize it as the program they use to give readers more insight to the layout. Because I am working with only my memory (which isn’t that great, to be perfectly honest), I created a  floor plan using PowerPoint. Don’t judge.


A couple of weeks ago, Clay and I decided that we really wanted to take the plunge into living more simply. We were looking at houses that were large, beautiful, and filled to the brim with every sort of feature we could ever imagine. Absolutely gorgeous. But the more we looked, the more disenchanted we became. It was as if we were letting the size and style of our house define us. It was overwhelming and felt unnatural. So we decided to rent. To step away from the (seemingly) suffocating nature of buying what we were supposed to want. And you know what? A huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. There will be a time for us to buy our dream house. Now is not the time.

With less bedrooms, no dining room, no living room, and just smaller spaces all around, this house will not be able to accommodate all the stuff we have acquired. And it is just that – stuff. I am really looking forward to donating a bunch of our possessions because I have been living without most of them for a couple of months now, and (gasp) I don’t even miss them. At all. There are a couple of pieces of furniture we will put in storage for sentimental reasons, but for the most part, it will be purge city around these parts.

So here’s goes nothing. Let’s see if I am serious about simple living. I like to think that I am. What type(s) of simple living do you incorporate into your life?