I’m Going To Do It. No, Seriously. I Am!

by Karen

Okay, so I know that for the past year or so, I have been blogging about my desire for a DSLR camera. I have come thisclose to buying on on multiple occasions. And Clay admits that he was superclose to purchasing such a treasure for his favorite wife this past Christmas. Until I told him, “Please don’t buy me the camera. I feel bad purchasing such an expensive item with a move on the horizon and a (seemingly) unsellable house.” Don’t I sound like a lot of fun? So that is how I became a proud owner of an iPhone instead and we delegated the DLSR purchase as our “Yay, we sold the house!” gift. But then we did our taxes. And as many military families know, tax season can be fun (no, really!) when a year-long stint in a combat zone is involved. The guilt is no more and I am now shopping for my dream camera.

Why do I desire such a fancy camera? So I can learn to take better pictures than the one above. The little guy is obsessed with brushing his teeth. He insists on using an adult tooth brush (just like Daddy!) and I have to pretend to put his toothpaste on it throughout the day, otherwise he would consume the entire tube.

I would also like to be able to take pretty pictures to document my rental decor and design project. And properly showcase the beautifulness I am beginning to find in Oklahoma. I think I have narrowed it down to the Canon Rebel T2i but I haven’t ruled out the Nikon D3100. Decisions, decisions, decisions.