And the Cow Says MOOOOO

by Karen

Since we pretty much (almost) have a (rented) house in our horizon, I have been brainstorming ideas for how to put our own personal stamp on the place. Not one at all for country chic, I have been surprising myself lately with my pull towards cows. Yes, cows. Granted, they’re usually funky cows, but cows just the same. I thought I would share some of my favorites. Who knows? Maybe one of them will end up in our Oklahoma home…if only all of them were so lucky.

I am all about this Andy Warhol cow print. The cow originally appeared in a screenprint on wallpaper in 1971 and then the image was subsequently sold as prints in various color combinations. I am partial to the brownish-orangy/purple one. I think it would look perfect in a kitchen, don’t you? Unless you’re a vegetarian, I suppose.

And how can you not love this Pier 1 cow creamer? Seriously – for $5, I can’t think of a more perfect receptacle for pouring half&half into my morning coffee. And I am thankful the milk comes out of the mouth and not an utter.

While an antique copper milk can isn’t exactly a cow, it does have bovine ties. And I think such a can would look wonderful holding modern branches or something of the like, don’t you?

And finally, this is what I don’t my recent affinity of cow decor to turn into. Any scene boasting multiple cow skin wall coverings is never a good thing. Yikes!