And Many More, On Channel Four

by Karen

This (adorable, wonderful, fantastic, extraordinary) guy turned 29 today. The last birthday of his we were able to celebrate together was back in 2003 – a.k.a. the college days. Clay was either in the field, TDY, or deployed for his birthday in ’04, ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, and ’10. And while birthdays aren’t spectacular productions around these parts, we relished in the opportunity to spend one together because you never know, it may be another seven years before we get to celebrate again.

In effort to reuse, reduce, and recycle, I wrapped Clay’s presents in an issue of Entertainment Weekly. It totally wasn’t because I forgot to buy wrapping paper. I pull out all the stops when celebrating a birthday. Why pay for overpriced dyed paper when you can wrap a present with an article featuring Robert Pattinson? Or Nate Dogg?

After a birthday breakfast of bacon, we embarked north to the Oklahoma City Zoo. Weston was a tad cranky (as evident by the crazy side eye he is giving me in the picture) so the trip wasn’t as pleasant as we had hoped. But we still had fun! Especially people watching. The fellow patrons did not disappoint us. At all.

After a hot afternoon among the animals, we abandoned our plans to visit an OKC restaurant due to our less than cooperative son. So we begrudgingly drove south, back to Lawton. After the little guy had a gourmet dinner of peanut butter and jelly, we (I) sang Happy Birthday to Clay so we could eat cake. Because everyone knows that you can’t eat cake before singing the arguably most popular song in the public domain. Weston was more interested in the episode of The League on TV than the song. We will see if he is capable enough to join a Fantasy Football league this fall.

After the little guy goes to bed, we’re going to get all sorts of crazy up in here with take-out food and beer. And maybe some mixed drinks. And more cake. And if we’re looking to raise the bar even higher, we may throw in a Netflix movie. Because if we can’t go to the bar, we must bring the bar to us. Cheers! And Happy Birthday to my AH-MAY-ZING husband. I love you!