Our ‘New’ Home?

by Karen

Did you hear that?  The faint high-pitched YIPPPEEEE!!!!!!! off in the distance? Yeah, that’s me. Why? Because we found a rental house. The papers haven’t been signed (yet) and we wouldn’t be able to move in until June but all signs are pointing to this house potentially becoming our home during our time in Oklahoma. While I dreamed of living on a huge plot of land in a rustic-style farmhouse – when push came to shove, we were just not comfortable putting money down on a house in an area we didn’t see ourselves in for longer than a couple of years. We all know how great that turned out for us in Raleigh. <—- Can you see the sarcasm dripping from that sentence?

So because we just might be in a rental home in a couple of months, I have been perusing the Internet for decorating inspiration. And you know what? There isn’t a lot out there as far as blogs geared towards the rental community. Which is a huge disservice, in my opinion. Thinking of all my military friends and non-military friends who rent for a significant amount of time, there is a great need for design and decorating tips about creating a personal space in a rented house. As much as I love Apartment Therapy, not everyone lives in a hipster apartment in a major city (that being said, AT does feature homes on occasion). Don’t they know that some of us live in the antithesis of a hip major city – like me in Lawton? That doesn’t mean that I am any less deserving of a fabulous place that fills me with joy and comfort, does it?

I think I will just have to change that. So expect posts about decorating and design for a rental to pepper this blog on occasion. And composting, gardening, outdoor living, and the joys of living with a flat backyard. It is the little things in life, right? More to come on the house soon…