Entering the World with a Bang

by Karen

Happy April 1st. I have no decent April Fool’s Day joke this year but I am reminded of my post on 4/1/2009. Fun! I wonder how many people thought it was actually a joke… We very much enjoyed making our big announcement on a day known for false pregnancy proclamations, which are always a hit.

As you can see, we weren’t kidding!

So I casually posted a Facebook update yesterday, pondering whether or not to cut my hair (yes, this is a post about hair, proceed with caution). I like my hair, I really do. But it is long, thick, and coarse. It is a tough job for my head and neck to support such a mane. Back in January, I went red (and havent gone back…yet) because I had been rockin’ the long blonde look for quite some time. Never liking to be in a style rut, I have been toying with the idea of going with a graduated bob or some sort of messy shorter look that probably would take a million hours to get just right.

The overwhelming response was “NO! Don’t cut your hair! You will regret it! And start killing kittens! Jail time will shortly follow! It is the worst thing you will ever do! DONT DO IT!!!!” Well, you can’t blame my Facebook friends from holding back, right? I think I had one person cheering me on, stating, “It is just hair, it will grow back.” Okay then. I get it. No short hair for me.

Just for kicks, I played around with one of those hairstyle websites where you can mesh your face with celebrity hairstyles. That didn’t last long because I quickly became depressed trying to put my face with Scarlett J.’s hair. Newsflash – I didn’t look like Scarlett but rather a reason why first cousins shouldn’t procreate. Despite my horror, I still wanted a change. I was bored. I am thankful that the Internet was able to talk me out of a drastic haircut (I still may do it…someday…) and I went to the salon no longer picturing myself as Victoria Beckham circa. 2004.

Yes, I went to a hair salon in Lawton, OK. And I survived! Not surprisingly, there aren’t many salons in the area that meet my specifications. And driving up to Oklahoma City for a hair cut seems a bit prissy. But actually, I ended up at the JC Penny Salon at Central Mall. Don’t judge. Back when we were stationed up at Ft. Drum, I had really good luck at the JC Penny Salon there and fell in love with my stylist. My hair isn’t the easiest to work with and it takes a special someone to cut it properly. And someone willing to work on it for 3 hours. That is not a typo – 3 hours. That is how long it takes to color/highlight, cut, and blow dry my hair.


The stylist finally finished around 9pm. When I was walking out of the mall, I was met with multiple text messages and a voicemail from Clay. Apparently he thought I was jumped by a gang at Central Mall. Nope. Not this time. Yay(!) for not getting knifed in the parking lot. Ahhhh, the joys of living in Lawton. In fact, as I type this post, there are 50 million (no really) sirens going off in the neighborhood next to our apartment complex. Nice.