Four Splayed Legs

by Karen

Growing up, I always enjoyed visiting my great grandparents in FL because their house was filled with furniture and accessories picked up from their world travels. In fact, it became a tradition for each of us kids to pick something from their collection to take home with us after each visit. I loved rummaging through cupboards filled with unique trinkets and having my great grandparents tell me the stories and memories associated with each item. A modern day treasure hunt! To this day, I adore antique shops and thrift stores because nothing beats the thrill of finding the perfect item, an item with a history, for the perfect price. Which is how I ended up at Aunt Traci’s Attic (pictured) in Lawton, OK. A (small) antique mall of sorts, the shop is home to 12 booths occupied by various dealers. Inside is a great mix of furniture, art, and (what I like to call) flare. I was in heaven. It was exactly what I needed after a not-so-great morning.

I know some people dismiss antiques as old musty items that serve no purpose in the world today. I vehemently disagree. I can’t get enough of the history associated with older furniture and you can’t argue with the fact that reusing is best for the environment (take that, Al Gore!). That being said, I also love new furniture and have no problem making it rain on a new couch or bookcase. But this isn’t a post about new furniture (that is probably made in China), this is a post about what I found in Aunt Traci’s Attic.

Like this beauty…

A splayed legged step end table. Mid-century design.


For $25.

Bigger swoon.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

The only negative is that there was only one. Oh well. Right now the table sits next to the futon (temporary couch) as a placeholder for important things like rum & cokes and carrot sticks. I have no idea where it will reside in our future place but I will worry about that later. So I am just going to focus on the 50s/60s awesome-sauceness that is my new end table. If only I drank scrotch…a glass of the good (?) stuff would look fabulous resting on the table.