I’ve Officially Been Winwooded

by Karen

The first leg of our Oklahoma Pilgrimage, Part Deux involved me driving from Gainesville, GA to Birmingham, AL and Clay flying from Lawton, OK to Birmingham, AL. I am writing this post as I await for my betrothed to knock on the hotel door…how very escort-like of us. Why Birmingham, you ask? Well, wouldn’t you want to spend the night in the largest city in Alabama? Combined with the rich Civil Rights history, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience the city with the tenth-highest crime rate in the country. That and it is on I-20 with a major airport – our two must-haves. And rumor has it that the world’s largest cast iron statue is located south of the downtown area. Always suckers of World’s Largest anything, we just may have to check it out tomorrow.

In all serious, from what I have seen of Birmingham (the southeastern portion), it is actually super nice. There is a Whole Foods right next to our hotel where I was able to engage in their salad bar experience and grab some whole milk for the little guy. Always a plus in my book. Lawton doesn’t have a Whole Foods, or a Fresh Market, or a Trader Joe’s. But it does have two Super Wal-Marts. So I guess it has that going for it.  …crickets…

So the drive from my parents to Birmingham was somewhat eventful. At one point, it involved Weston running around a McDonalds parking lot in just a diaper with me trying to catch him. Let’s just say it wasn’t the day for my mother-of-the-year nomination (it involved Weston getting sick, a not-so-near exit, new clothes, and plastic bags…use your imagination). I am now one of those moms. You know, the one you see and think to yourself, “Thank goodness I am not like that…”

Once Weston was clean, clothed, and smiling, we got back on I-20 (though not before a HUGE iced coffee was ordered from said McDonalds). It at the time I was Winwooded. I was Winwooded beyond my wildest dreams. I wasn’t treated to two Steve Winwood songs, I wasn’t treated to three Steve Winwood songs, I was treated to four Steve Winwood songs all on diffrent radio stations (Valerie, Higher Love, Roll With It, and Finer Things) all within a 20 minute period. I kid you not. Apparently people along the Georgia/Alabama border love them some Stevie. I am serious – my choices were Steve Winwood, christian rock, or  diiiiiirty southern rap. Luckily, I am a (not-so-closeted) Steve fan so I relished the opportunity to be Winwooded. Wouldn’t you?

You wish you had his hair. (source)

Stay tuned for the next installment of our road trip. Will Clay knock on the wrong hotel room and hilarious hijinks ensue? Will the free hot breakfast include a make-your-own waffle bar? Will Arkansas truly be the Natural State? You will just have to wait and find out!