Why the New Blog?

by Karen

First of all, thank you for taking the extra second to click on the link to my new blog. You could have done so much with that second and you chose me. I am honored. I feel like Sally Field, accepting the Oscar for Places of the Heart. So why the new blog? Well, for whatever reason, this move to Oklahoma has challenged me. This change is not coming naturally and every step has felt forced. I am unsure why this is the case. After all, I went to college 12 hours away from home and soaked up the southern culture with no regret. I married Clay and promptly moved to Ft. Drum, NY, which wasn’t exactly the big city experience I craved, but I loved it anyway. We then settled on Raleigh, NC without thinking twice. And for whatever reason, this time around is not the same.

When packing up our house in NC, I purged many items and sold/donated in order to say goodbye to many loved but no longer necessary items. And you know what? It feels great. So great, in fact, that I decided to do the same with many aspects of my life, including my blog. There was one point that I even think Clay was fearful I was going to purge him. I told him don’t be ridiculous, that I still needed him for his money.

There was much about my previous blog that I loved but there was much more that no longer felt necessary. I did not want to delete my words and I did not want to continue writing in the space. Hence this new blog with the same name. I think I grew over the past couple of years but my blog didn’t. Starting out, my blog was never about networking, advertising, or making money. It was solely for me and if others enjoyed reading what little I had to say, it was just an added bonus. This new blog will be the same way. I got a little lost last time around – here’s hoping I remember bread crumbs this time.

I blog because I enjoy writing.  I may not be very good and reek like an amateur on open-mic night, but with practice, I can only (hopefully) improve. Think of me like a fine wine – I only get better with age. So thank you for continuing to read what I have to say and peering into our lives (in the most non-creepy way possible). I am beginning to sprout some excitement for our Oklahoma adventure, I hope you join me for the ride.